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    Vaping News

    Review by Mike Wiseman

    Good Morning y'all!! Just wanted to share with you all a review we just received on our juice Bad Fish Premium E-Liquid by Mike Wiseman in Florida, who is a reviewer and administrator of vaping groups! We are so excited and very thankful for all the support we have received in living our dream!!

    "What's up DCG fam, so yesterday I got a ton of ‪#‎VAPEMAIL‬ and part of it was 6 bottles of Bad Fish by Blue Whale Vapor, so I've decided to do a quick review for you
    First up was Blueberry Cobbler, I had really high expectations for this one seeing that as a child I remember every Sunday going to my grandmothers house and almost every week she had her award winning secrete recipe blueberry cobbler, so I dripped a few drops onto my fresh dual 6 wrap Ni80 coils wicked with VCC (Vapers Choice Cotton) and I took a pull, this juice is full of flavor and is smooth as can be, all these years and I thought I would never have a blueberry cobbler flavor that would even come close to grandmas but here it was now coming from my mod, Bad Fish has hit a home run with this one, I give this flavor a full 5 stars
    Next up is Breakfast Crunch, Bad Fish's take on Captain Crunch, just as the blueberry cobbler this one took me back to my childhood, this one reminds me is Saturday mornings sitting in front if the tv eating my favorite breakfast cereal, but this juice doesn't just stop at the taste of Caption Crunch, imagine if you will eating two bowls of it and you notice that there is a bit of milk left at the bottom of that bowl so you decide to drink it and it's milk filled with the wonderful flavor of the cereal well that is this juice, this was another strong outing for Bad Fish, I'll give this one 4.5 stars
    Next up is Key Lime Pie, well being a resident of South Florida for the past twenty years I think it's fair to say that I know a thing or two about key lime pie, I have had the best of the best of it so I was anxious to see how this would stack up, and I have to say that the mixologist of this flavor must have aced their baking course in culinary school, every detail was hit from the tartness of the key lime to the creaminess of the meringue to the subtle hint of nuttiness of the crust, once again this juice scored 4.5 stars
    Apple Sin was next and I'll admit I was not too excited about trying this one because I have yet to have an apple flavored juice I have liked, so reluctantly I dripped it onto my coil and took a pull and to my surprise it was actually rather tasty, it reminded me of a fresh baked apple crisp with a hint of milk over top of it, although this juice was good I have it a slightly lower score of 3.5 stars (only because I'm not an apple vape fan but this was by far the best one that I've had)
    Next on the list was Strawberry Custard (one of my favorite flavors to vape) I have tried at least 35 different juices to this flavor profile and this one is easily in the top two, at first the sweetness of the strawberry is a pleasant flavor on your tongue and then comes the perfect amount of a creamy custard on the exhale, this was an extremely strong showing for Bad Fish once again they get a perfect 5 stars on this one
    Last up in the flavors I sampled is Lemonberry Lime, I had no idea what to expect from this one, and I have to say it is easily in my top 5 favorite juices of all time this one taste exactly like the lemon squeezes you get at the fair but with a subtle hint of berries, I didn't get the lime part of it but hey it's just a name the flavor of this juice speaks for itself as far as a star rating this one is off the charts
    Overall this juice line is strong great flavors and a smoothness that only comes from high quality ingredients, Bad Fish is gonna take the vaping world by storm, not only is the juice great Jack & Jenny Moss are great people, check them out at Blue Whale Vapor here on Facebook and order some today, and remember if it smells like bad fish then it must be good juice"